Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh, bokeh.

If I'm obsessed with taking bokeh shots, I'm living in denial of it. But isn't it amusing that this:

Can turn into this: 
Or even this?

Abstract images with a magical quality, all wrapped up in fun and easy production; I understand the bokeh craze now, after messing around with the abundant lights and my focus ring to achieve these shots (plus the other twenty still on the hard drive!).

Life as of late has involved Christmas parties, outings to the mall, playing on goodreads.com, actually reading the books I've collected online, and eating lots of cookies. I'm enjoying winter + winter break to the max.


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Claudia said...

It was so warm the other night, I purposed to go bokeh hunting! Call me if you want to go some night before everyone takes their lights down. Only another photographer would understand your obsession ;D