Saturday, May 26, 2012

Predicate, encore.



Life as of late has involved books, work, rainy days, and this little lady. She's all I take pictures of anymore, but that's ok because....welll, I think that's self-explanatory.

Happy Saturday, tout monde!


Ellyn said...

AAWWWWW! She's so cute!!!

I love the colors, tones, lights, and basically everything about these pictures. (Especially the glimpse of Les Miserables in the front) :) And of course the adorable subject.

Emily Glover said...

She is too cute! Has she made her home on your bed?? Fabulous pictures, daah-ling! ;)

kinga said...

aww! this is too cute :)

Hannah said...

ahhhh, love! I miss my cat. :( Yours is addddorable!

Meredith Sledge said...

AW!!!! I love cats and that is one cute cat!!!