Saturday, June 9, 2012

auld lang syne






Minnesota experienced an uncanny cold snap last night and all the lakes have refrozen. Sister and I are out enjoying it to the fullest!


Justtt kidding! These photos are from winter break. Every so often, I unload the memory stick of my old pink point and shoot - it's the camera I stash in my purse or backpack, my pseudo iPhone for taking photos of small moments. I'll go for months before downloading them, and then I refind good memories. Here, we took the pups for a walk to enjoy the winter sunshine and frozen lake.


Claudia said...

sure brings new appreciation to the 90 degrees today! :D

kinga said...

i love the idea of a smaller camera to take photos of everyday moments. love these :)

Hannah said...

you totally had me foolled!!! i'm from down south and know nothing of minnesota weather except that when i visited one april a few years ago it was snowing! so i figured maybe a june snow was possible, too, haha!